Welcome to…

Our Mission

Low Cost

  • 340  Ada per Epoch (cover cost of running pool)
  • 98.2% of remaining reward to delegators
  • Fees will never increase


  • We have pledged 1 million ADA to the pool to show our intent and backing for the project
  • Your ADA never leaves your wallet
  • Your ADA is not locked up
  • Rewards automatically distributed
  • Servers secured
  • Node producing blocks protected by relay nodes on dedicated hardware to enhance security


  • We Have been running since the first testnet (ITN)
  • 99.5% of blocks allocated have been produced
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Experienced IT administrators
  • Quality Infrastructure

Support the Network

  • We will never run more than one pool
  • Helping secure the Cardano blockchain
  • Deeper genePool (more nodes) on different infrastructure will ensure a healthy network
  • We support services dedicated to the Cardano network

Save the Whales

    • No Mining!
    • Proof of stake system
    • No power usage of small nations


Supporting non- profit Organisations