Epoch 293

Statistics for Epoch 293

Expected number of blocks : 4.88

Block Allocated : 4

Blocks Produced : 4

Luck* : 82%

Blocks Predicted for the Next Epoch: 3

An OK epoch where we produced all the blocks that were allocated to us (four) and for the next epoch it is estimated that we will be allocated three blocks which again is below the expected (approx.) five blocks we should get on average over time. Well we hope we get a nice allocation over five for the next epoch … fingers crossed.

This epoch we had to upgrade the nodes to a new version of the Cardano node 1.30.1 which suddenly appeared without much notice. We also upgraded the hardware spec of our last relay that was still using 8GB RAM, so now all our nodes are running 16GB and 6 cores. Hopefully IOG will get around to looking at optimising the node sooner that later as specifications keep on increasing which costs us more to run. Not much else to report but to say we can see the transaction counts increasing now, probably mainly to do with NFT’s at the moment but more will come when smart contracts are released in force.

The website is now back up and running so many thanks for putting up with the Telegram updates until now. We will always update both with the latest comments from the epoch so you can choose where to get your updates.

That’s all for now have a great next five days and we will return with an update at the end of the next epoch.

*– Blocks are allocated randomly each epoch based upon total stake a pool has just like a lottery. Luck refers to how many blocks were allocated to a pool against the expected blocks that the pools should produce. Some epochs (5 day periods) you will be allocated more blocks and some less but over time it should even out.