Testnet server up and running

We have the server up and running and looking to optimise the uptime of the jormungandr node. We are using a VPS based in a European data centre. We are using the fairly standard monitoring tools of prometheus, node exporter and grafana for monitoring.

The major parts of the project so far have been getting the server up, getting a domain name, setup the email for the domain and of course trying to create a website.

As others are experiencing keeping a node synced with the blockchain is currently a challenge with 0.8.5 so monitoring scripts have been written to restart the node if we fall out of sync.

We are looking to maximise performance further with using ‘tuned’ to see if this makes any difference and keep on trying to improve our performance.

This is a testnet so problems are expected and we are using this experience to gear up for releasing our pool on the main net when this happens.

Well back to server optimisation, rather than web design …

Until next week – Happy Staking 🙂