Epoch 274

Statistics for Epoch 274

Expected number of blocks : 5.06

Block Allocated : 5

Blocks Produced : 5

Luck* : 99%

Blocks Predicted for the Next Epoch: 6

Well these epochs seems to tick over quicker and quicker somehow and for these epoch we made the five blocks allocated to us and this is the amount of blocks we expect on average every epoch based on our combined stake. For the next epoch we have what looks like six blocks which is slightly above average so that is nice.

The epoch went really smoothly again with nothing of interest to report. The main node and the two relays are running very nicely although it looks like we will have to upgrade the relays at some stage soon as their memory (8GB) is getting close to the limit sometimes but we will see what the next node software version brings and see what happens when smart contracts hit the platform.

P2P which is decentralisation of the network is progressing and there will be some testnets coming soon. This just allows nodes on the network to automatically discover peer nodes and be resistant to attack and will improve over the manual/centralised process we currently use for making connections to other nodes.

Regarding the amount of delegators/stakers we have remained steady this epoch with no losses or gains.

So that’s it from us, apart from thanks to all of you who continue to stake with us and we wish you all a great next five days and we will return with a short update at the end of the next epoch.

* – Blocks are allocated randomly each epoch based upon total stake a pool has just like a lottery. Luck refers to how many blocks were allocated to a pool against the expected blocks that the pools should produce. Some epochs (5 day periods) you will be allocated more blocks and some less but over time it should even out.