Stability at last

Well it was a tough start for us. 0.8.5 of Jormungandr just was not possible to stabilise. Multiple VPS’s were tried but just could not get it to run stable for more than a few hours max.

So 0.8.6 was waited for and for us it delivered! Finally can get a good run of 6-7 + hours. It can run longer than this but CPU use and memory allocation seem to gradually grow while running.

So the plan for now is to check when we get blocks allocated to mint and then restart the server in advance of this if needed so we get a good run. This almost did not work out this morning – stopped the server 1 hour before a block was due but bootstrapping and connecting to hosts took so long and we had to restart multiple times. Eventually with about 30 seconds to go before the block was due, the node suddenly started syncing with the blockchain and the block was minted – hurrah!

The plans for the future are to investigate running the pool on bare metal server rather than a VPS so we have ordered a new server for this and hope to get this implemented within the next month.

So we now wait for 0.8.7 this Wednesday and see what it brings, hopefully better bootstrapping and the main concern of the community is adversarial forks that some pools seem to use to guarantee their blocks at the expense of other pools as they then might be on a forked chain and miss their block.

Interesting times ahead but we are out of the gates and since 0.8.6 have minted all allocated blocks.

Until next week – Happy Staking 🙂