Jormungandr 0.8.7 Released

So with 0.8.6 we hit every block we were allocated – nice!

I guess one of the disappointments is how often we are getting allocated blocks to mint. In the last two days we have had no blocks allocated with stakes of 2 million and 4 million, so I feel this is unlucky and I would love to be one of the big nodes which are guaranteed 30+ blocks but hey this is what us smaller pools have to deal with.

0.8.7 was released a few nights ago and we immediately uploaded this to one node and ran it testing where it seemed to perform OK. The decision was to stay with 0.8.6 as we have hit every block with this but in the days when we have had no blocks we have changed to 0.8.7 for testing.

We have tested it on our new server which is on-site locally rather than a VPS and we will probably transition over to this server with the VPS as a backup node in case there are any issues.

We have also setup a new website, which should allow for easier updating and maintenance.

Until next week Happy Staking!