Two new releases and a few blocks minted

Jormungandr 0.8.8 was released early Thursday (Europe) and was followed up by a 0.8.9 release shortly after with one fix in it. We are running the latest and it seems to be better than 0.8.7 but maybe that is because of a few configuration changes. Other than that we again have hit all the blocks we have been allocated but as we said last post we were unlucky with block allocations so those that delegated with us moved elsewhere. We are still above the 1 million mark so should be the hunt for a block a day.

Remember to not choose the huge staking pools as if they are over saturated (too much delegated ADA) their rewards (and yours) are then capped. Look for well run stable smaller pools. There are many who would love your delegated ADA.

In other news the new server we purchased is running fine and has started to mint blocks taking over from the VPS we were using previously. We will keep the VPS as a backup server in case of issues or maintenance on the primary server. We have also installed a new firewall (Opnsense) and this is performing well and handling all that is thrown at it.

We wait for some new stakers and then look forward to the Haskell test net and the real roll out of the Shelley production staking.

Until next week Happy Staking!