Epoch 261

Statistics for Epoch 261

Estimated number of blocks : 5.6

Block Allocated : 2

Blocks Produced : 2

Luck* : 35%

Blocks Predicted for the Next Epoch: 3

Well we produced the two blocks allocated to us this epoch and for the next epoch again we have been unlucky in the lottery and have been allocated three blocks on an expectation of five and a half. We hope for the next epoch we start seeing some above average block allocation as delegators see the return on investment decreasing and move to other pools.

The major plus point this epoch was its start with the epoch transition going super smooth compared to the last one where the network ground to a halt for twenty five minutes. This was a result of most stake pools upgrading to the 1.26.2 node so that was a major relief to see and probably was one of the smoothest epoch transitions ever.

Thanks to all of you who continue to stake with us. We know we have not had the best returns the last few epochs but that is just the way the system is designed and we are making all the blocks we are allocated so we continue and hope for better in the near future. We will be back as usual with a short update at the end of the epoch.

* – Blocks are allocated randomly each epoch based upon total stake a pool has just like a lottery. Luck refers to how many blocks were allocated to a pool against the expected blocks that the pools should produce. Some epochs (5 day periods) you will be allocated more blocks and some less but over time it should even out.