Epoch 255

Statistics for Epoch 255

Estimated number of blocks : 5.5

Block Allocated : 2

Blocks Produced : 2

Luck* : 36%

Blocks Predicted for the Next Epoch: 6

Community-driven stake pools are producing 94% of all blocks we continue the decentralisation process, the remaining 6% produced by federated IOG nodes. Estimated date for complete decentralisation of the Cardano block-chain is 31st March 2021. (This epoch we continue with 94% produced by stake pools and for the next it will increase to 98% due to issue with DST time changes). The block producing network will be fully decentralised in two epochs time with the d parameter reaching zero, you can read more about it here. There is still an element where the discovery of other nodes in the network is centralised at the moment but this will be addressed with P2P (Peer to Peer) protocol which will allow the discovery and connection to of other cardano relays without any central authority, bu this is still some way off.

Another lean epoch but we produced the two blocks allocated to us. Just as a recap for those new to staking you ADA we get rewards for producing blocks and the blocks a pool is allocated is random like a lottery based upon the total amount of stake a pool has. So in some epochs you will get below the “expected” figure and some above but it should even itself over time to be around a 5%-6% return. For the next epoch it looks like we will be allocated six blocks which is about average and a lot better than the last two epochs.

Other than this the pool has run smoothly this epoch. We are still waiting for a new node software version that will help solve the network stopping for ten plus minutes two days after the start of an epoch, but this should be on the way sometime in the next month.

There was a new Cardano 360 episode yesterday which was interesting and it looks like smart contracts will hit around July/August time but this can change. We should have a better idea in April. This will bring a huge influx of people to Cardano and will really start stressing the network and may mean we have to upgrade our infrastructure. Exciting times are ahead.

We have more delegators joining our pool which is great and we are seeing new delegators every epoch at the moment which is fantastic. Of course people also leave so there is always some churn of users but this of course is expected. Thanks to all of you who continue to put your faith in us and we of course try and run a professional pool to ensure your returns as this is our number one priority. We wish you all well for the next epoch and will be back with a short update at the end of the epoch.