Epoch 251 – Welcome to Mary

Statistics for Epoch 251

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 5.2

Block Allocated : 8

Blocks Produced : 8

Luck* : 153%

Blocks Predicted for the Next Epoch: 4

Another above average epoch for us which is nice for us all. For the next epoch we have an estimated four blocks which is under what we should expect but that is the way the lottery block allocation works and we have been lucky for the last three epochs so no complaints.

Quiet epoch and everything was running smoothly. We upgraded to a new version of software that is used for generating expected blocks in the next epoch and that looks good and we will see at the end of the epoch if it has predicted the block correctly.

We are now in the Mary era (2nd era of 3 in the Gougen roll out) which allows the generation of custom assets. At the moment this can only be done via command line but tools will come to make this super easy and the next Daedalus/Yoroi should allow the viewing of different assets. To make the assets useful we need the smart contract component and that should arrive in the summer sometime. All in all things are looking good and targets are being met by IOG in the development of Cardano.

Welcome again to all new delegators, we hope you will be happy with us and thanks to all of you who continue to trust us with providing the staking service. See you all at the end of the next epoch!