Epoch 246

Statistics for Epoch 246

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 6.4

Block Allocated : 8

Blocks Produced : 8

Luck* : 125%

Blocks Predicted for the Next Epoch: 7

Community-driven stake pools are producing 78% of all blocks we continue the decentralisation process, the remaining 22% produced by federated IOG nodes. Estimated date for complete decentralisation of the Cardano block-chain is late March 2021.

A nice epoch with eight blocks allocated and produced. The transactions are starting to pick up on the mainnet and we are seeing over one hundred and thirty thousand during the course of an epoch. This is still way down on Ethereum which has seen its billionth transaction this week but the transactions are growing and when multi-assets and Gougen are released this will surely increase even further.

Just as a service announcement this was posted earlier on Cardano Announcements Telegram channel …

“It seems that Blockfolio was hacked earlier and they are currently working to identify the issue. In the meantime, please ignore all messages from that platform. As a general rule of thumb, please follow and use the Twitter accounts [at]Cardano and [at]CardanoStiftung as the main sources of truth.

We have asked the Blockfolio team to keep us in the loop until the issue has been cleared and we’ll let you know when things are back to normal again.

Edit: see Blockfolio team follow up from here

Please be aware during these crypto price increases there are many sophisticated attacks out there. Please see this message on the Cardano Forums for further reading on how to avoid scams and protect your assets.

That’s it for this week. Thanks to those of you who have joined us recently and as always to those who continue to trust us with their continued delegation, it means a lot!

* – Blocks are allocated randomly each epoch based upon total stake a pool has just like a lottery. Luck refers to how many blocks were allocated to a pool against the expected blocks that the pools should produce. Some epochs (5 day periods) you will be allocated more blocks and some less but over time it should even out.