Epoch 245 – Something about Mary

Statistics for Epoch 245

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 6.3

Block Allocated : 5

Blocks Produced : 5

Luck* : 79%

Blocks Predicted for the Next Epoch: 8

Community-driven stake pools are producing 76% of all blocks we continue the decentralisation process, the remaining 24% produced by federated IOG nodes. Estimated date for complete decentralisation of the Cardano block-chain is late March 2021.

This epoch we upgraded to the cardano-node version 1.25.1 which is the version required for the next Hard Fork Combinator event scheduled for 22 February. The upgrade went smoothly and alongside this we had to update our monitoring scripts and graphical monitoring tools as some of the variable names had changed in this release. As usual with these upgrades it is important to monitor then next expected block to be produced so that you can ensure the upgrade went as expected and there are no problems.

The Mary hard fork (phase 2 of Gougen) has just gone ahead on the testnet successfully so it looks like the mainnet launch will be on for the end of the month.

All that remains is to say thanks to all our delegators, we appreciate your trust in us and we will be back with an update at the end of the next epoch.