Epoch 235 – Token Locking coming…

Statistics for Epoch 235

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 4.6

Block Allocated : 6

Blocks Produced : 6

Luck* : 130%

An OK epoch block allocation wise with 6 allocated with an estimation of 4.6.

It was a quiet epoch after all the updating of the previous one to prepare for the the Hard Fork Combinator event. This is scheduled to start at the start of the next epoch…

From IOHK twitter …. “GAME ON: We are delighted to confirm that yesterday evening, we successfully applied a change to the #Cardano protocol, which will take effect on the 16th December, at the boundary of epoch 236 @ 21:54:44 UTC”

From a Cardano Forum Post – “The HFC is a remarkable piece of technology, unique to Cardano. It allows us to execute in a controlled and managed way. It is also replicable and repeatable, enabling us to bring fresh protocol updates to the Cardano blockchain with minimal risk, time after time. A combinator is just a technical term for something that ‘combines’ other things. For example, addition is a ‘combinator’ when it comes to numbers. A hard fork combinator effectively combines two protocols into a single protocol. It allows for a carefully managed form of hard fork which avoids the risks and potential issues that has made the phrase ‘hard fork’ sound ominous to many. The combinator fixes the problem of hard forks.”

This hard fork will bring in token locking and the next one “Mary” will be potentially more exciting allowing for multi-assets and native token capability and this will occur in Q1 2021.

IOG(IOHK) are shutting down the majority of their pools and delegating to smaller pools so we applied to see if we can get some delegation from them although there are many smaller pools who have more need so we will see what happens. In the ITN (Incentivised Test Net) we received a couple of delegations from IOHK/CF the so called ‘golden ticket’ (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as it was called by the stake pool operators back then. This may raise awareness of the pool and help get some more delegation.

Talking of delegation we have had some more recently so welcome to the new delegators and we hope you are happy with us. As usual many thanks to all who continue to stake with us and we will return at the end of the next epoch with an update.