Epoch 232 – Our Luck is Improving

Statistics for Epoch 232

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 4.1

Block Allocated : 6

Blocks Produced : 6

Community-driven stake pools are producing 60% of all blocks we continue the decentralisation process, the remaining 40% produced by federated IOG nodes. IOG federated block production is reducing by 2% per epoch until all blocks are produced by the community meaning the block-chain is completely decentralised (estimated March 2021).

This was a good epoch where we were allocated 6 blocks against the estimated 4.1 blocks. As you know this is a random lottery process based upon amount of ADA staked to the pool so some epochs you get more blocks allocated and some less but it should even out. After this epoch our overall ‘Luck’ percentage for all epochs on Adapools (blocks allocated via lottery vs expected) will be above 100% for the first time so although we started slowly with some lean epochs these have been made up.

We have upgraded our Cardano node software to the latest 1.23.0 version which has a few changes in for the upcoming Allegra and Mary hard forks. The Allegra hard fork adds some features needed to support the Catalyst treasury scheme and The Mary hard fork adds multi-asset support. There will be another software release before these hard forks though as not all changes are implemented yet.

The pool continue to perform well making 100% of blocks we have been allocated so we are super happy with this. We hope to welcome some new delegators with the upcoming change in the ‘k’ variable (please see the last couple of posts for details) but it seems this may not happen as delegators moving to new pools should do so by the end of this epoch. We keep positive as IOG is shutting down the majority of their staking pools which should mean there are some more people looking for new pools as well.

There is a development update for the Cardano project on December the 3rd at GMT 17:30 / CET 18:30 / EDT 13:30 ( Sign up here ) which will be interesting for those who want a deeper understanding of where the project is going with multi-assets and smart contracts development. These can be long so you can watch it on YouTube after the event.

Thanks to all our delegators for sticking with us and we will give a short update at the end of epoch 233.