Epoch 230 – Luck 154%

Statistics for Epoch 230

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 3.9

Block Allocated : 6

Blocks Produced : 6

A nice epoch where we had a good block allocation from the block lottery which makes up for the last epoch where we were only allocated a single block to produce. So far this month it has been quiet with not much to report. The pool is still running perfectly and we have hit all our allocated block, we just hope with all the redistribution of staked ADA in December we can pick up some new delegators to our pool. To recap the “k” variable (which deals with the amount of desired pools) is increasing from December 6th (from 150 to 500) with the effect that a pool will be saturated (get reduced rewards) when it has more than 64 million ADA delegated to it. If you are delegating to any other pools that have over 64 million ADA or know someone who is, it is worth delegating to a smaller pool by December 1st so that the change will be effective on the following epoch starting on the 6th. To help with decentralisation (ensuring not all ADA remains with a few powerful entities) it is worth seeking out pools that do not have multiple pools setup like all the variants of 1 percent pool for example. Getting more delegation would help with our ROS (Return of Stake) / ROA (Return of ADA) figures which are the percentage returns annualised – the issue is all pools have to have a fixed epoch charge of 340 ADA minimum which with a small unsaturated pool means your charges seem larger as this figure eats into the returns as you are producing less blocks. We will wait and see what happens in the next week and early December but already as predicted the larger pools and just creating multiple versions of their pools so perhaps we will not see much ADA flow to smaller pools after all.

Thanks to all our loyal delegators, we really appreciate you sticking with us. Yes there are some good and some bad epochs but that is just the nature of the system and how it is designed. Anyway onwards to epoch 231 and we look forward to 2021 where things will be wild …. the best is yet ahead …