Epoch 227 – Lady Luck Not Smiling …

Statistics for Epoch 227

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 4

Block Allocated : 2

Blocks Produced : 2

In this epoch 50 % of all blocks are produced by IOG(IOHK) and 50% produced by the stake pool operators. IOG produced blocks are reducing by 2% per epoch.

We were unlucky in our block allocation this epoch which is expected sometimes as it is a randomised process dependant upon total pool stake. We were allocated two blocks which we made both of so that is a positive but we are hoping for more blocks next epoch.

There has not been much news from our side, everything is running smoothly and the monitoring is working great and we continue to produce every block we have been allocated.

Looking forward there is a lot coming in the next few months and things will be getting exciting with voting and native assets being added to the ecosystem. We believe 2021 will be massive for Cardano and hope you all enjoy the ride.

Thanks to all of you who continue to stake with us, we appreciate your trust. Happy staking and onward to the next epoch 228!