Epoch 226 – Slightly Under-cooked

Statistics for Epoch 226

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 3.6

Block Allocated : 3

Blocks Produced : 3

The majority of blocks (52%) are still produced by IOG(IOHK) – reducing by 2% per epoch.

We were allocated 3 blocks against an estimated of 3.6 so slightly under what was accepted but still OK. We have had some early epochs where we were allocated zero blocks and of course that will happen again in the future in all probability but again you should see above average blocks allocated as well at some stage so things even out.

So in the upcoming epoch the split of blocks produced will be 50:50 for IOG and the stake pool operators. There was going to be a pause there but now it seems it will continue decrementing the amount of blocks allocated to IOG nodes (apart from a break over Christmas) until May when all blocks will be produced by the stake pool operators and the network will be fully decentralised.

There was a good 2+ hour presentation of the project status last Thursday and there is a lot of exciting things happening in the following months. It seems some people were disappointed with the timeline but we are certainly not. There is a lot of complexity in getting to the complete release of smart contracts and the team seems to be progressing well in a measured way with a huge amount of project work tying all the disparate threads together. It is easy to throw out half baked projects (see some of the recent defi disasters) but when dealing with peoples investments things need to be done correctly and this is where IOG is heading. We are sure there will be some more bumps along the road on the project but we are super excited for the future.

Thanks to all who continue to delegate to our pool and we hope to get a good block allocated in the next epoch. Happy staking and see you for end of Epoch 227.