Epoch 225 – Quiet and on Target

Statistics for Epoch 225

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 3.6

Block Allocated : 4

Blocks Produced : 4

The majority of blocks (54%) are still produced by IOG(IOHK) – reducing by 2% per epoch.

Things are looking good with another epoch where we just exceeded the expected blocks to produce. This has been the case for the last few epochs so that is great but remember this is a randomised process how many blocks a pool gets allocated (dependant on total stake), so some epochs may be under expected and some over. The job of the pool operator is to ensure all blocks allocated are made to generate returns for the delegators.

We have a couple of new delegators this epoch which is great and hopefully a new trend after we lost a lot during the first few epochs when the pool had bad luck and was allocated zero blocks for a couple of epochs (5 day periods). So welcome to you whoever you are and happy staking with us!

It has been a really quiet epoch and things have ticked over nicely with nothing of note to report.

If you are interested in the end of month product update this happens this on Thursday 29th at GMT 17:30/CET 18:30/ED 13:30.

You can register using this link http://bit.ly/2TmsiqJ