Epoch 222

Statistics for Epoch 222

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 3.1

Block Allocated : 4

Blocks Produced : 4

The majority of blocks (60%) are still produced by IOG(IOHK) – reducing by 2% per epoch.

Comments – We made 4 blocks so that is great news, slightly above expected so that is always a plus.

Throughout the epoch we upgraded all nodes to the latest cardano node software 1.21.1. We did this before the issue seen 48 hours after the start of an epoch so that we could monitor the problem that had been occurring (high CPU usage and nodes stopping for 5 minutes) and we are pleased to say this version of the node solved the problem so that is also good news.

Lets push on into epoch 223 and hopefully we can keep up the above average allocation of blocks. As usual thanks to all of you who continue with us, we really do appreciate your patronage and Happy Staking!