Epoch 219 – Better …

Good news! We were allocated 6 blocks and produced them all. That makes up for lack of blocks on some epochs but we are still behind what we are statistically due, so another 6 in the next epoch would be great 😉

1.20.0 cardano node software was officially released and we monitored stake pools that had installed it and then after no issues we rolled it out to our relays and then after some testing there we updated the block producing node, so now all nodes are on the latest node software.

Statistics for Epoch 219

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 2.8

Block Allocated : 6

Blocks Produced : 6

The majority of blocks (66%) are still produced by IOG(IOHK).

Comments – Well we made up for some epochs where we had no blocks allocated which is great but it goes to show what the block lottery is like and how frustrating it can be for smaller pools. Still we are very happy and look forward to what we can achieve going forward. Thanks to all stakers who are continuing with us, we really appreciate you trust and we are working to ensure we produce as many blocks as possible.