Epoch 217 – Quick Rewrite Needed to this Post…

Well we had just written that we had no blocks allocated an hour and a half before the end of the epoch when we were notified by our monitoring script that we had been allocated a block and had processed it on to the chain successfully. It would have been nice with a few more blocks but getting this one just before the end of the epoch is great.

There was no software upgrade during this epoch although it is looking like there will be a new node release (1.20) early next week. Pool is running well and monitoring tools are good and the before epoch automatic restart procedure is working well. We are ready … just … need … more…. blocks!

The majority of blocks (70%) are still produced by IOG and this continues to decrease each epoch.

Statistics for Epoch 217

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 2.7

Block Allocated : 1

Blocks Produced : 1

Comments – One late block in the epoch at least! We hope for more to come in the next epoch 🙂 Thanks as always to those who continue to stake with us and we hope to have better news for the next end of epoch report.