Epoch 216 – Keep on Truckin’

We were allocated one block this epoch again below what was predicted by Adapools. The lottery of block allocation has not been fantastic for us so far so this has to improve as we are owed more blocks.

During the epoch we had one of the relays lock up. Our script detected this and alerted us but did not solved the issue as it should so it required some manual intervention – this is why you should have at least two relays for a block producing node! The basic problem was that the time syncronisation was drifting out of sync, even though we use a time service to keep the systems with a few milliseconds of the true time. So the cardano node saw that the nodes time was in the future and then got stuck. As we run the node as a service the script just restarted the service but this was not enough, the system needed a reboot to get the time syncronisation back up and running. So we have changed the script that it now reboots a node if it gets stuck rather than just restarting the cardano node software. Other than this the epoch was quiet and there was no new software release.

Statistics for Epoch 216

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 2.7

Block Allocated : 1

Blocks Produced : 1

Comments – Again we are unlucky on getting allocated blocks to produce but we are hopeful of more. The network is still not completely decentralised and IOG (IOHK) still produce the majority of the blocks so each epoch the stake pool operators get more blocks to produce. As usual a thanks to all who continue to stake with us, we appreciate your loyalty and we are working hard to maximise our chances for producing blocks. We are eternally optimistic as well as realistic 🙂 and we are here for the long haul.