Epoch 215 – Luck Improves…

Well as Epoch 215 closes we have made 3 blocks which is slightly above the estimate of 2.5. As before we have made every block that has been allocated which is great. We are still owed more blocks by the protocol as we had a couple of really bad epochs where we were allocated no blocks to produce so we hope for some more above average returns coming up.

Regarding work done this epoch all nodes were updated to 1.19.1 which offers some performance improvements. This was done as normal with a rolling upgrade with a relay promoted to block producer when the main node was upgraded so that we were never offline.

Statistics for Epoch 215

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 2.5

Blocks Produced : 3

Comments – Our luck is improving (120%) this epoch. By luck this means the blocks assigned by the protocol which is fairly random depending upon stake. We look forward to the future with voting coming soon to the chain and smart contract testnets on the horizon. Exciting times ahead.