Epoch 212 Report

We are close to the end of Epoch 212 and rewards should start being paid out from the next epoch. Please remember if you stake to a new pool it will take two epochs before you start seeing rewards from your new pool.

For each epoch I will report any work carried out and the amount of blocks we are expected to make (courtesy of Adapools) and our final result. It should be noted that the amount of blocks that should be produced are an estimate (statistical) based on the stake of the pool and it a randomised process how many blocks your pool gets to make, so it is possible to be allocated more or less. This is unlike the ITN (Incentivised Test Net) where we knew at the start of an epoch how many blocks we would be allocated and which blocks these would be.

During the last epoch we enhanced on our scripts to monitor the node to add a facility to promote a relay node automatically to a block producer node so that we can restart the block producer node and we never have a situation were our block producing node is offline. Generally our script is restarting our nodes around 5 to 6 hours prior to the end of the epoch so we restart one relay, after this is back up we promote another relay to a block producer and when this is running (synced with the blockchain) we restart the block producing node. When the main node is back up and syncing it restarts the relay that is currently the block producer and this will then start as a relay again. The reason we were restarting is that the epoch turnover was causing heavy load and memory use on the node but now with the new node software 1.19.0 this may be less and perhaps we don’t need to restart so often. It is highly discouraged to run two block producing nodes at the same time as this creates forks in the chain and pools will be penalised at some stage for doing this, hence why we only keep one block producing node up at a time.

Other work done was minor in that we added our icon and telegram channel to Adapools webpage. As mentioned in another post we also upgrade all our nodes to the latest node version 1.19.0.

Statistics for Epoch 212

Estimated number of blocks (Adapools.org) : 3

Blocks Produced : 3

Comments – Happy to make our expected blocks. No problems with pool.