Upgrade and third block

We decided to do a rolling upgrade to 1.19.0 to keep a block producer online at all times and this went well and we made our second block of the epoch and our first with the new 1.19.0 software. We are going to take a conservative outlook with upgrades, waiting 24 hours after official release before upgrading one relay node and then the remaining nodes 24 hours after this. We will have backups of the older software so that we can roll-back to a known good version should this be necessary.

Don’t worry we will not make a new post every block we get 🙂 but will do a report at the end of each epoch and post what we achieved and any issues encountered.

Just a reminder to all delegators that we have a telegram channel you can subscribe to, or ask questions in. We will post updates both on the website and telegram.

Happy staking!