First Block Made!!!

Wow …. it was worrying and stress levels were peaking. Configurations were checked and double checked, networking checked, tweaks to the networking (probably not needed) and a lot of stress and worry about not getting a block. Well today in the first epoch we have created our first of what will be many blocks.

I can’t tell you the pressure it is for the first block as this confirms you pool is operating correctly. We decided to move our pools just before mainnet to another VPS provider to increase our specs and that lead to a lot more stress as the thoughts are always there that you messed something up …. until you get your first block. I can’t explain this to you, that is something you have to live through as a pool operator and many others were and are still going through this waiting for that first block.

Anyway we are live and our configuration is good and we look forward to the future and hope all stake pools can get a block shortly to remove that nagging doubt that you did something wrong.

To all delegators, many thanks for your continued confidence and happy staking !!!