Getting Ready for Production

Just a quick update to give our latest status. After looking at the end of the first epoch and the performance experienced by the nodes we decided to increase the specifications on all the nodes and have moved to a different VPS provider to enable this. This gives us more RAM and processing power above what is the recommended amount for running a node.

As we had new relays and we wanted the green tick on the GENE ticker symbol (indicating we were running on the ITN testnet) we had to resubmit the pool registration so this might have dropped us down the Daedalus rankings for now. Please note the ratings in Daedalus at the moment are random as there is no performance data. We should start seeing some better order in the next few epochs when we can start producing blocks.

There was some talk from IOG (IOHK) that they may delay the production of blocks by one epoch as there was a bug in Daedalus which stopped pools being displayed but we thing by the end of August we should have a bit of data in Daedalus to start the rankings and this will improve throughout September.

So we are ready to produce all tools are in place and we wait for the commencement of block production. Last reminder is that block production will transition gradually from IOG to the stake pools so in the first epoch of block production the pools will only be producing 10% of the available blocks and this will increase 10% each epoch after this if there are no problems. Eventually the stake pools will be producing all the blocks.

Thanks to all our delegators and we wish you all Happy Staking and good returns.