We Are Live on the Mainnet!

We are live on the mainnet along with approx 500 other pools!! Many thanks to those of you who have already delegated, we appreciate you faith in us and we believe we are ready to start producing blocks. Awards are returned to you the stakers at the end of each epoch (5 days) but as the network has just started and currently the stakepools are not producing blocks it looks like the first returns should come on August the 18th.

Just so that you are aware the rank in Daedalus is currently semi-random as there is no performance data to rank nodes correctly. It is worth checking the rankings occasionally to ensure that your stakepool is higher up the list and if there are problems re-delegate away to other pools. For all those new to staking remember you never send you ada to another address you just delegate it from Daedalus (Yoroi shortly) pay a small transaction fee but your ADA never leaves your wallet. There are so many scams out there so please be aware and never send you ADA out of your wallet or enter your recovery keys on any website.

For those interested in where the servers are located we have on relay in the USA and another in Germany along with the block producing node which is also located in Germany. We have chosen what we believe to be a high performance VPS provider and we of course will be monitoring our performance using Grafana and Prometheus which give us a real-time snapshot (as well as historical) of what all the nodes are doing. We also have a custom script to monitor the nodes for certain conditions and that can restart the node if required. Alarms are also setup for security and performance so that we will get notified of problems immediately.

So all that is left to say is that we can’t wait to start minting blocks and earning you rewards. Good luck to all and Happy Staking!