We Continue to Optimise

We continue to run our nodes on the new Shelley testnet and things are going well. We have monitoring in place using grafana to monitor all nodes as well as developing a script which runs locally on all the servers to monitor the cardano-node application. If no blocks or transactions are processed for a certain time alerts are sent out (Telegram) and the node restarted. There is also a monitor for some files that need to be replaces at set intervals to ensure that these never run out of date as this will stop blocks being accepted and therefore a loss of earnings. The script also monitors the connected peers and sends an alarm if below a specified amount and we also currently get a message when a block is produced and when it is adopted on the network.

With mainnet approaching fast things are getting exciting and we are hoping to get some decent delegation when we start on the mainnet. The parameters are set for around 150 pools to be earning well so we aim, along with all other pools to get into the top 150 of pools ranked in Daedalus. There are many things to balance such as pledge, fixed pool costs and variable so it will be interesting to see who are the winners.

The recent conference was great and the community is amazing so we look forward to the future and believe this technology can help all, not just those in positions of power. We push on and try and optimise for the mainnet release and staking.