Public Haskell Testnet Coming!

Well it’s been some time since the last update and things in the Cardano ecosystem are moving quickly. We have had the dates for the release of the Shelley mainnet as well as the opening of the Friends and Family testnet to others outside of the pioneer group and their invites.

So on June the 9th we can start on the Haskell test-net setup which is really exciting. With the Haskell node the ideal setup is that you have the block producing node (core node), protected by relay nodes which communicate with the rest of the network meaning that you can lock down the core node and make it more secure. This of course means running extra servers or using other peoples relay nodes so there is a cost dynamic here. As well as this there is a pledge in X among of ADA for each pool to ensure they are serious and those with good pledge will offer higher rewards so again there is another aspect of cost here as well.

From our testnet experience we have experienced loosing blocks due to our node not being on a cloud server based near an Internet hub reducing latency and while this may change with the Haskell node (we believe slot battles will be handled differently) we believe there will still be some advantage to be able to quickly broadcast created blocks. So in this case we will be purchasing some high performance VPS nodes with expected high throughput networking (10 gig) connections and low latency for the start of the Haskell public testnet running into the mainnet.

We should be able to take our ticker with us and look forward to a lot of new work setting up and securing systems in the weeks ahead. This will probably be our last update for the test-net so we sincerely thank all those who have stuck with us throughout the test-net and look forward to seeing you all in the future on the mainnet. As usual good staking to all and see you on the other side 🙂

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