Start of Friends and Family Haskell Testnet

Well the golden ticket was removed 10 epochs ago so we are back down to trying to get a block every other day but thanks to CF/IOHK/Emurgo for moving these stakes around to smaller pools it sure is appreciated. We are now heading to our 160th block produced so that is some achievement. We are still losing some slot/height battles so wait to see what the situation is with the Haskell node as this follows the specifications for the protocol more than the rust client.

Other than that we have had the bitcoin having and the friends and family cardano node (Haskell) testnet has started with selected pools starting up nodes in order to document the process for the rest of the pools. Some videos are out on how this is going and it is fantastic to see this progressing as we are then close to the release of Shelley main net and proper pledging which we are look forward to.

We believe strongly in the future of Cardano and the community surrounding it. Exciting times are just ahead!!

Thanks to all our stakers and keep safe and happy staking 🙂

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