Return of the Golden Ticket!

The golden ticket has returned! What does this mean – well it means we have 10.5 million stake added presumably from IOHK/Cardano Foundation/Emurgo. So many thanks to whoever rotates this as we are always grateful to get a good amount of stake to check pool operation and get some extra pool rewards to help with costs associated with the pool.

So we went back to the VPS but when we lost the second block that was going to be produced we reverted to the bare metal server and we have been doing great since then hitting almost all our blocks bar one today. Looking at the other pools who received 10.5 million at the same time we are climbing from a poor start and will soon catch the leaders to prove our pool is competitive. We are thinking about an upgrade to the VPS as it seems it is running a bit low on memory but we will wait until the Haskell node is released before evaluating what we need for the backup node.

These are probably the final weeks of the Shelley incentivised test-net and some selected pools are starting to run the new node to bed it in before the brief Haskell node test-net. This will be exciting times to change the software and will no doubt be challenging for us operators but judging with how the Byron reboot and Daedalus now work with the Haskell software, we can’t wait!!!

For those who have given up with Daedalus in favour of Yoroi we can say it is back with quick (approx 1 hour) initial sync of the complete blockchain, down from 10+ hours so it is looking good for Cardano and we have every confidence in this ecosystem and many thanks to Charles Hoskinson for the great updates he does on YouTube despite all the trolling he gets regarding delays. We should soon be past this painful point and heading towards being the number one ctrypto project in the space.

So full speed ahead. As usual thanks to all who stake with us and until next week Happy Staking!