Running on VPS

Just a quick update to say we are currently running the node on our VPS (Virtual Private Server – cloud based server) backup server for a couple of reasons.

  1. We want to monitor the performance where there are slot and height battles as this node is closer to the internet core and located in Germany which seems to help win slots when battling others. This will ensure better returns for stakers.
  2. Just to confirm our backup solution works as planned.

We recently lost another height battle and this was the catalyst for moving the server over to the VPS solution over our bare metal server which has better specs but not connected so close to the core internet routers meaning slightly longer (in milliseconds) response times which we believe is causing some lost blocks in competitive situations.

As mentioned before we hope with the Haskell node this will not happen as much as this in our opinion hurts diversification as all pools will move to big cloud providers.

As a result of this the live block ticker on the website will be out of date so please look at to check our performance.

We have some new stake just arrived so thanks to whoever has staked with us and we hope we can provide good returns for the remainder of this test-net.

That is all for now we will monitor the VPS node and switch back if performance suffers in any way. Currently it has made one from one block, so far so good!

Keep safe and happy staking 🙂