Well, we have been silent for some weeks as there are no major updates and things are ticking along smoothly.

The major news is that we hit 100 blocks created – actually 2 blocks minted last night so we are now at 101 minted blocks. Drop in the ocean for some pools but we are happy to have reached this milestone.

Basically we are waiting for the Haskell test net which will be rolled out to a few select pools for initial testing then the rest of the pools will transition across. The major things here are getting initial stability, ensure monitoring tools are working and then get delegators and make blocks. For us one of the the most interesting things will be to see if the location of the server has an effect on slot battles. Currently we are running on a bare metal server on a 450 Mbit up/down connection, not a data centre. For us this means the Cardano network is more diversified but if with the new Haskell client we see the same behaviour currently seen then we will have to reconsider as machines with better latency to other nodes win slot/competitive battles, meaning those in data centres close to the internet core hubs have better chances. Hopefully this will be examined as part of the design of protocol as most nodes will migrate to vast data centres meaning an issue at one of these will take down a large percentage of nodes.

We will provide some more updates when transitioning to the Haskell node. Until then thanks to all stakers and wish you Happy Staking 🙂

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