50th Block Minted

With the recent increase in staked ADA we now get a daily allocation of blocks to produce and this week went over the 50 mark (currently 62). So thanks to all who continue to stake with us it is appreciated and we continue to try and improve our operating procedures to improve returns.

Saying that we lost a couple of blocks this week due to a faulty re-start script which monitors the node and restarts it if it gets stuck or falls behind. Of course it happened in the early hours and although we caught it shortly after it happened restarting the node and getting the connections needed took a while when the blocks were scheduled. The script is now fixed and tested and is working fine so we should not experience this again.

We also started to get quite a few height battles for slots this week which is a really frustrating way to lose blocks, and just to see if a change in Jormungandr software would help we transitioned to the latest 0.8.13. Generally 0.8.13 is good – the CPU usage does not increase over time which we noticed with other versions but we have had it get stuck a few times which we have not really seen before on past versions. For now we will stay with 0.8.13 and see if there is a 0.8.14 later today and check what improvements that it will bring.

A lot of these issues will hopefully be resolved in the Haskell version of the node software when it is released as it uses a different networking P2P system but of course there will probably be new issues introduced with this version. There is currently no date for the Haskell version which is the software that will be used on the main-net for Shelley so we continue with the Rust based node software for the next three to four weeks at least is seems.

Regarding stakers it seems we have lost some stake in the last week but also have seen some new stakers so welcome to the new delegators and we hope we can create good returns for you. Happy Staking until next week 🙂