Golden Ticket?

It has been a good week. We got a good selection of blocks to produce after a few days of no allocation with approx 3.4 million delegated. From these blocks we produced most of them but lost two due to ‘height’ battles. A height battle is where two pools try and create a block using the same parent block (hash) but each pool has a been allocated a different slot. My understanding is that this may occur if your node is not up to date (on the tip) so it picks an old parent block as it has not received the latest update on new blocks or that the node producing the previous block was late in transmitting its update in producing a block. As such this is a hard one to try and improve. We made some changes to the amount of nodes we connect to and to our network optimisation but again it might be nothing to do with your pool but others.

So we suddenly had a huge increase in delegation – plus 12 million – which is great. There is some speculation in the pool operators telegram channel that this is the so called golden ticket (taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) in that IOHK/Cardano Foundation is moving some of their vast test ADA around to help smaller stake spools. Whoever it is many thanks we sincerely appreciate it and from this we have been allocated our highest amount of daily blocks, eight. We have as this morning made four from four and have four more later in the day to produce so all is going well. We will see how long this delegation lasts, generally others have seen it last for around five days (epochs) and then be transferred elsewhere, but we hope for longer.

From Charles Hoskinson it seems this test net will run until at least the end of March before we look at transitioning over to the Haskell software for testing. I guess it will be April before we see the transition over (Hopefully after the Easter holidays).

Jormungandr 0.8.12 is out and just at the moment we have our highest delegation and blocks to produce. Currently we are not changing what is working for us until we see a strong case for transitioning over so continue with 0.8.9-alpha6. There are some reports on telegram that 0.8.12 uses more CPU and makes less connections and sometimes gets stuck but others say it is fine so we will wait and see what the reports on its performance are like. 0.8.11 was mainly rejected by the stake pool operators and most went back to 0.8.9 variants.

The only addition to the pool this week is another UPS to help with some infrastructure protection.

So until next week – Happy Staking 🙂