Slot Battle!

We tried out 0.8.10 and then 0.8.10-2 and we missed the first block with this version so this version was not the answer for us. We had experimented with a community build from Michael Fazio(SAND) so were confident to try his Alpha-5 build. With this we hit the blocks we were allocated which was great news. We then upgraded to the Alpha-6 build and we had our first slot battle. A slot battle is where two pools are allocated to produce the same block. You have no knowledge beforehand that another pool has been allocated the block and it is the first node to produce the block and propagate this out to the network that wins that block. Thankfully we won this battle over [ONEW] Oneworld Cardano Staking pool. They are a bigger pool so no hard feelings – it is tough when you have a small stake so only get allocated a limited amount of blocks and then you have to fight another pool for them!

After losing the one block with 0.8.10 we lost some delegators but after a good run we currently have above 3 million delegated. This is still on the low side as we had no blocks allocated yesterday to us and it would be wonderful to get some more stake to ensure we can be allocated multiple blocks per epoch. It can be fairly dispiriting to be running a stake pool and then get no allocated blocks but the start of the new epoch is a bit like Christmas while you wait with anticipation to see what blocks you will be allocated. A lot of smaller pools have no chance of generating any blocks even though they are well run so if you are a whale please spread the love 🙂

A new Daedalus was released which should help with problems users were having although it does not have the correct stats for our pool so puts is way down the list which is incorrect and again does not help us attract new stakers. We are unsure when the next build of Jormungandr will drop, maybe later today, but we are currently very happy with the Alpha performance so will only transition if we hear extremely good things about the release and we will test on a passive node as well.

As usual thanks to all who trust us with their ADA stake and until next week – Happy Staking 🙂