All Quiet on the Western Front

Nothing groundbreaking to announce this week.

0.8.10 has just dropped and we have decided to update and use this version due to an issue we had with one block in the last week. The issue is so called vaporised blocks. These are blocks that you produce on time and submit to the network but are never seen on the blockchain – no forks or competitive slot battles. We are under the belief there are some improvements in 0.8.10 to help with cases like this and while we have no evidence we will wait and see what 0.8.10 brings. From just running it half an hour ago we can say it is taking a lot longer to connect to other nodes (see attached picture showing previous build and 0.8.10) but this could be because many others are updating so we will monitor this situation.

New Daedalus wallet builds should drop tomorrow so hopefully this will resolve issues with this wallet for those who are having issues. Of course Yoroi is working and there is supposed to be a mobile version of Yoroi but we have not tested this yet.

There is the Cardano hard fork on the main-net scheduled provisionally for the 20th Feb and this is needed to get things in place for the release of Shelley and will mainly involve exchanges updating their infrastructure.

We continue to think about changing our fees for the main-net and perhaps will change from a 4% variable fee we currently charge to a 1% variable fee with an addition of a fixed charge of 200 ADA. This is hoped to attract more stakers as we are still struggling to attract new stakers. If you have any thoughts on what you prefer please go to the contact page and use that to send us an email with your thoughts. We look forward to staker/community input.

So again 20 minutes to go until the next epoch and the luck of the RNG (Random Number Generator) so all crossed we get some blocks. Until next week Happy Staking – and thanks for those who are using our service!

PS – RNG gods are not smiling on us today it seems. Just for your information the allocated blocks for the epoch is updated live on our website and the each epoch starts around 19:15 UTC daily.

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