New Website Up

We will start adding the how many block we have produced each week and the total at the start of each post from now on.

This weeks 4 blocks produced, total blocks produced by genePool one on ITN : 17.

Well the major achievement was to setup a host for a web server so this meant installing Apache, PHP, MariaDB and WordPress and then design a site. The result is OK and gets some live stats from the Jormungandr node to display (small Python program pulls these) but there are still many things to improve. The great thing is that it is now so much easier to create update posts rather than manually coding a page to include them.

There was no new release of Jormungandr this week and in Charles Hoskinson’s updates he said that there are a lot of improvements and these will all be rolled out next week instead, maybe around Friday, this should include a new Daedalus wallet build I believe. For those having troubles with Daedalus it is worth using Yoroi at the moment and you can restore your Daedalus seed words into it to get your balance.

Saying this 0.8.9 has been remarkably stable for us and produced all the blocks allocated to us, but unfortunately not that many block. I believe I said in the last post it is 1 million ADA needed to be in the hunt for a block a day but checking the stats provided by OldPa Sink (JSCS Pool) who provides daily stats on the Incentivized Test Net (ITN) the amount needed is at present around 1.7 million. The pool has been holding steady at 1.8 million so we should be in the hunt for a block a day so we hope for some more luck with the block lottery that happens at the end of every epoch (epochs finish daily around 19:15 UTC).

On the security side our firewall was upgraded to a new major release and some work has been done on server hardening.

Well it is almost time for the new epoch and to see if we get allocated any blocks to produce so all crossed!

Until next week Happy Staking 🙂 and we appreciate those who use our pool.