We Are Live on the Mainnet!

We are live on the mainnet along with approx 500 other pools!! Many thanks to those of you who have already delegated, we appreciate you faith in us and we believe we are ready to start producing blocks. Awards are returned to you the stakers at the end of each epoch (5 days) but as …

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It’s Fork time

Photo by benlodge123

Well it’s time for the big one! The Shelley hard fork takes place tonight and ushers in a new chapter in the Cardano story. It is an exciting time and will be busy for the stakepool operators to bring up their nodes on the mainnet. We have participated in some of the Shelley testnets and …

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We Continue to Optimise

We continue to run our nodes on the new Shelley testnet and things are going well. We have monitoring in place using grafana to monitor all nodes as well as developing a script which runs locally on all the servers to monitor the cardano-node application. If no blocks or transactions are processed for a certain …

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