Return of the Golden Ticket!

The golden ticket has returned! What does this mean – well it means we have 10.5 million stake added presumably from IOHK/Cardano Foundation/Emurgo. So many thanks to whoever rotates this as we are always grateful to get a good amount of stake to check pool operation and get some extra pool rewards to help with …

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Running on VPS


Just a quick update to say we are currently running the node on our VPS (Virtual Private Server – cloud based server) backup server for a couple of reasons. We want to monitor the performance where there are slot and height battles as this node is closer to the internet core and located in Germany …

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Well, we have been silent for some weeks as there are no major updates and things are ticking along smoothly. The major news is that we hit 100 blocks created – actually 2 blocks minted last night so we are now at 101 minted blocks. Drop in the ocean for some pools but we are …

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