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Live Pool Statistics
Ticker: GENE Status: Running
Version: jormungandr 0.8.9
Epoch: 69 Last Block: 25,924
Total Stake: 3,337,754 Pool Oversubscribed: No
Blocks Scheduled remaining this Epoch: 1 Blocks Produced this Epoch: 3

Our Mission

Low Cost

  • 96% of rewards to stakers
  • No other charges
  • Pool fees will never change (During ITN)


  • Your ADA never leaves your wallet
  • Your ADA is not locked up
  • Rewards automatically distributed
  • Servers secured
  • Commercial grade firewall


  • On-site server
  • Off-site backup server (VPS)
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Experienced IT administrators

Support the Network

  • Helping secure the Cardano blockchain
  • Deeper genePool (more nodes) on different infrastructure will ensure a healthy network

Save the Whales

  • No Mining!
  • Proof of stake system
  • No power usage of small nations